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~Please have a cute baby~


So I just watched this video about DBSK yesteday...

here's the html

Their messages to their future wives are so sweet and somewhat funny [talk about changmin's].

Last May 26, in the SBS talk show “The Star Show,” TVXQ members were asked to give messages to their future wives. The following were what Hero, Max, U-know, Xiah and Micky had to say to the women they will be marrying in the future.

“I’ll sing for you anytime if you ask me to,” Xiah said.

“I’ll be a competent man when I meet you. We’ll live a very long good life together,” was what Micky said.

“When we get married, I won’t stay out late. Out of the three meals in a day, I’ll be sure to make one. I’ll be a husband who won’t get a beer belly. Please just bear me a beautiful baby,” Hero expressed.

“Wait for me and prepare a delicious meal,” Max, the youngest in the group, said.

“I’ll love you for the time you waited for me and for the rest of time. Let’s go to our child’s sports day,” U-know enthusiastically said.

On the other hand, when asked what are the group’s future activities, TVXQ revealed that in Japan, it will be participating in the A-nation concert this Summer and in Korea, it will be releasing a new album this Fall and asked for the fans’ support.

Source: Newsen

I'm a Yunho and a Junsu lover..but honestly, my heart skipped when Jaejoong's message to his future wife was delivered..
He is so sweet and cute...
I couldn't stop smiling and imagine that I would be Joongie's wife..
[haha..silly me]..after all..many fangirls out there would love to be their wives...

Here's my rank:
1 - Joongie = all of his words are so caring
2 - Junsu = love how he dais that he will sing whenever his future wife would to
3 - Yunho = nyaha..love the way he mentioned about his child..:D
4 - Yoochun = he is cute..:D
5 - Changmin = nyahah..he cracks me up!!..:D

This is not biased..I love DBSK..:D


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